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The training teaches the two basic aspects of the Feldenkrais Method:

Awareness through movement


(ATM = Awareness through Movement)



Moshe Feldenkrais developed more than 2000 basic ATM-lessons.

You’ll personally explore and experience the enormous spectrum of human learning capacity through movement at your own pace in an

intimate group setting.


Sense, feel, perceive, compare, differentiate, direct awareness, move mentally, think, experiment: our possibilities for action newly expand.


In these ATM-lessons, Moshe Feldenkrais puts learning principles into action, such as differentiation, restriction, variation, options.

Lessons include developmental patterns as manifested in babies and infants, as well as movements involved in sports, dance, and the martial arts: the full potential of learning through movement. 


Functional integration


(FI = Functional Integration)



This gentle, non-invasive hands-on exploration between practitioner and student offers an enormous potential for growth. Each student gets 12 individual FI’s from the staff and a minimum of 1 individual lesson during the program. 

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