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Sense Feel Think Act - Create Choices
We discover a conscious movement that creates knowledge. A unique system for human growth and the development of one's own potential for action.
We promote your somatic learning processes, the expansion of your personal potential, and its transfer into everyday life.

During the training, the ideas and principles of
Dr. Feldenkrais are passed on to the students in an unadulterated way so that the universal character of the Feldenkrais method is preserved. 

The training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner is an investment in your skills and knowledge.


Practical and theoretical knowledge about our ability to learn and our potential for action are just as much a part of the cultural basics as reading and writing.


We keep exploring new possibilities attentively and: learn!


Our ability to learn is innate.

As children, we discover our surroundings with curiosity, devotion, and with all our senses.


During the training, participants rediscover their innate childhood curiosity and improve their ability to learn by engaging with every aspect of themselves. 


Awareness and movement


Awareness and movement as a basic form of thinking and knowledge are prerequisites for every original learning process.


In motion, we experience knowledge and pass it on. In the Feldenkrais lessons, we merge practical and theoretical knowledge. 

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