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Our Feldenkrais Training

Artem offers you profound, internationally recognized training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner in a wonderful environment. We promote your somatic learning processes, the expansion discovery of your personal potential and its transfer into everyday life 

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We offer info days for you at Training Chiemsee 9. Get to know the special atmosphere of this training, the extraordinary surroundings of the Fraueninsel, and the experienced team.

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Senior Trainer Jerry Karzen

Our educational director and senior trainer Jerry Karzen accompanied Moshe Feldenkrais for years during the development and application of his method and was appointed trainer by him in 1982. He has served as the educational director in 40 programs world-wide, and is currently the educational director for programs in Russia, China, and Germany. He conveys his deep understanding of the method in an authentic, humorous, and effective way for application in all areas of life. 

Authentic Learning

We value a pleasant learning atmosphere in small groups of

25 - 45 people. We guarantee direct and individual teaching of the Feldenkrais Method. During the training, the ideas and principles of Dr. Feldenkrais are passed on to the students in an unadulterated way so that the universal character of the Feldenkrais method is preserved. 





Chiemsee Training

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We promote your somatic learning, expanding your potential and its transfer to everyday life. 



Jerôme "Jerry" Karzen



He assisted in the editing of Dr. Feldenkrais' last two books and videotaped most of the existing Videos of Dr. Feldenkrais' private Functional Integration lessons. Jerry was chosen by Dr. Feldenkrais before his death, to be a trainer in 1982. 


Anna Karin Engels

Germany / Cologne


Graduate of the Feldenkrais Training Program 1992 in Hamburg with Jerry Karzen. Anna organized all Chiemsee Training programs since 1998. She is a very experienced Assistant Trainer. She has been running her own Feldenkrais practice for „somatic balance“ in Cologne for over 28 years. With a professional background in sport science, biology and theatre. 

Julie Casson

San Francisco, USA


Trained by Moshe Feldenkrais, studied dance and sports science at San Francisco State University and has worked as a Feldenkrais trainer in Europe, America and Australia for over 35 years. 


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